The End;New beginning

The End, and a new beginning

It is only right that today is national s’mores daySmores-in-the-oven

In celebration of the end of Summer vacation

But those amazing memories of laying by a camp fire; the smells oh the amazing smells of pine, fresh air and fire smoke.  Our fingers sticky with the melted marshmallows and our faces cover by the sweet, sweet chocolate. Those long lazy nights talking about everything but at the same time about nothing; these are the nights that are going to be miss so much.

Walking by the beach feeling the hot sand under our bare feet’s now will be cover by those bothersome shoes. The sun shining so bright, those amazing tans that will now be replace by tanning salons and lotions. The birds chirping without a care and now the music to our ears will be the teacher, professor reminding us that yes it is the 1st day of classes and we already have homework.

The memories will still be with us and in the far back of our mind will be waiting for summer again; as we try to gain knowledge; absorb as much information as possible before the end of term test and them we will feel free again, dreaming of that sweet, sticky, gooey goodness that a s’more is.